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The Wizard is a character played by Derrick Acosta. He is a user of magic of indeterminate origin and power. He usually appears out of nowhere to advertise products and events.


VGA wizard

Whiz-bangs and kazoodles.

VGA Ad: WizardEdit

The Wizard's first appearance is in the first of Mega64's ads for the 2006 Spike TV Video Game Awards. Shawn Chatfield and Rocco Botte are playing videogames, when Shawn Chatfield wishes for a cool video game award show. The Wizard the appears and blows up Shawn's TV. The Wizard tells Rocco and Shawn and the VGAs, when Rocco asks if they usually suck, the wizard uses his magic to burn all of Shawn's skin off.

Podcast Campfire Shirt PromoEdit

Podcast Campfire Shirt Promo wizard

The wizard finds the forest.

The wizard discovers the Forest where the first podcast set was located. The wizard is so turned on by this that he creates a shirt to commemorate the set.

The Wizard IIEdit

V3E3 wizard poque horatio marcus

Poque, Horatio, and Marcus meet the real Wizard.

In The Wizard II the wizard may have been seen before the begining of the episode, or it may have just been Marcus dressed as the Wizard. A crowd appears at Poque's apartment hoping to get a wish from the Wizard. Horatio eventually gets rid of the crowd by dressing up Jon's body as the Wizard and giving a heartfelt speech about how the magic is inside all of them. After this, the Wizard finally appears to thank Poque, Marcus, and Horatio for getting rid of the Wizard seekers. The wizard reveals that he was hiding in the caves below Poque's apartment the entire time. He offers them one wish. Poque wishes for Sue to come back to life, which the Wizard immediately grants and then disappears.


  • Teleportation
  • Blowing Stuff Up
  • Immolation
  • Conjuration
  • Necromancy

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