Portrayed by: Jonathan Rohrbacher
Derrick Acosta
John O'Hara
Status: Deceased (Suffocation/Beheaded by Sean)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: Poque
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three


Tony was a blind psychopath, who was also one of The Killers. Tony was played Jonathan Rohrbacher in still photographs and was voiced by Derrick Acosta.

Version OneEdit


Tony's first appearance.

His first appearance is a voice-over, making a phone call to Dr. Poque's dungeon, where he tells Rocko and Derek to "eat at Joe's". When he finds out he has the wrong number, Tony panics and hangs up. Later, when Sean is told about the call, he has a flashback to a point before his captivity, where Tony breaks into his house and kills Sean's girlfriend with plastic wrap, yelling "I told you to eat at Joe's!" ("Poque")

Version 3Edit

Sean, some time later, finally confronts Tony and begins to fight him to the death. Tony again tells him to "eat at Joe's!" and assures him that he killed everyone Sean loves. After a few moments of hand to hand combat, Tony overpowers Sean onto the ground and tries to suffocate him with saran wrap. Sean overcomes Tony's grip on him and reverses their situation. Sean struggles to smother him, and after a few moments, Tony is seemingly defeated. ("Delaware")

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