Cold fear thomas chipz

Rocco Botte as Thomas Chipz


Thomas' email to Dr. Poque.

IGN rockband3 conrad chipz

Conrad Chipz

Thomas Chipz is an editor of the gaming magazine "Gametub" that is first mentioned in the episode The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students and is first seen in the third Cold Fear ad.

In Version 1, an e-mail is sent to Poque apparently from Thomas Chipz, stating that he is sending a representative to Poque's house because he is interested in the Mega64. It is later reveal that this e-mail was faked by Shawn's brother, Rick

In the Cold Fear ads, Thomas Chipz Interviews Gunther Galipont about the origins of the game Cold Fear. Galipont insults Thomas and causes rain to fall on him, before finally destroying the entire world

An other member of the Chipz family, Alan Chipz is a main character in the video E3 1975, where he is portrayed as a young man by Rocco Botte and as an old man by Richard Botte.

Thomas Chipz was also quoted in Magic City Man saying the game "... very urban"

Yet an other member of the Chipz family appears in the video Rock Band 3's Mysterious New Logo. Conrad Chipz is a former marijuana smoker and music expert. He is also played by Rocco Botte.


  • In a podcast, Rocco stated that "Thomas Chipz" was the name he used when registering pirated software.
  • "Tony Chipz" is a reporter on U62 news, the fictional news program that appears on the show.

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