Brian "The Specter" Specter
Portrayed by: Duncan Roberts
Garrett Hunter
Luke Chatfield
Status: Unknown
Episode count: 3
First appeared in: Eyes of Skull Has A Secret
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

The Specter is a character that first appeared in Version 1. He is portrayed by Duncan Roberts. The Specter's body is completely hidden by his hood, mask and gloves. His voice is eerie and distorted. He appears to Sean in a dream, where Sean complains to him about the way Sean is treated by everyone. Then in the dream, The Specter talks to Sean about fate, but Sean does not understand. Later, when Rocko and Derek are trapped inside the Mega64 having their minds destroyed, The Spectre appears to Sean again and gives him a gold Mega64 helmet, enabling Sean to enter the Mega64 and save Rocko and Derek. ("Eyes of Skull Has A Secret")

Later, when Rocko and Derek are examining a video created by Sean, they find hidden footage of the Spectre saying "Bring me Sean". When they show this footage to Sean, he has flashes of memories that he doesn't understand, and then blacks out. ("Summer Semester")


The Specter as he appears in Sean's dream

The origin of the Specter is alluded to in the final episode of Version 2. Jon tell Sean about "the man that haunts the Mega64" saying that he can "travel between the Mega64 world, and the real world, and bring things back with him." When Sean admits that he's seen this man, Jon tries to use the Mega64 to steal all of the information hidden in Sean's mind. Jon is stopped before he can find out anything. ("Stranger")

In a flashback, it is shown that before beginning testing on Rocko and Derek, Dr. Poque worked with a man named Brian Specter at Sarnotech. Specter apparently was the man who died while testing the Mega64. It is also revealed that Brian Specter was the father of Tr1gg3r_53r1ou5, possibly explaining the reason for Tr1gg3r's vendetta against Dr. Poque. ("Stranger")

Version 3Edit

In the final episode of Version 3, the Specter appears to Sean for the last time, giving him a series of gifts (The Master Sword and golden Soap shoes) to defeat the Falz organization. However, due to the FALZ-made Death box successfully capturing the Specter's powers, he and his physical manifestations are presumably gone for good. ("Delaware")

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