(Rocco, Derrick and Shawn are testing the theory if it's real or not)thumb|400px|right

Rocco: Hey, my name is Rocco. Listen I saw Burger King video, everybody freaking out, when they got a Big Mac instead of a Whopper. I think they prove some good points. And I'm gonna prove some more. This is.

On Screen Text: Freakout Theory.

Rocco: The Freakout Theory.

(Alright, let's do it)

Shawn: Here's a theory, people don't like vinegar.

(Let's see, if it's real)

Shawn: Hey, you want some water?

(The lady drinks the vinegar, she thinks it's water. Oh my God! It is real!)

(The lady spits out the vinegar)

Shawn: Yep.

Random Lady: It's vinegar

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

(You should at least, wait for her to explain)

Derrick: I don't think people like Halo 3... Let's find out, how about this guy?

(Wait minute Halo 3 is a good game. Alright, let's see if they like Mario)

Derrick: Hey, you like this game?

Random Guy #1: Yeah, yeah, this game is awesome.

Derrick: Want it?

Random Guy #1: It's Halo, it's Halo 3.

Derrick: Oooo.

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

(Hahaha, we should do that in April fool's)

Rocco: I got a theory people don't like shaking hands. Excuse me, sir... Will you shake my hands?

On Screen Text: "Um, no, I'm gonna go with your theory.

Random Guy #2: Um, no, I'm gonna go with your theory.

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

(Rocco, he doesn't you)

Derrick: Here's a theory, people don't like to exercise, check this out. Uh, excuse me sir, can we get you do like a couple of push-ups.

Random Guy #3: I don't like that.

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

(You're just using the word push up. Because everyone one had a hard time to do that)

Rocco: Here's a theory, nobody actually likes the band U2, check this out. Do you like this song? Helloo! Helloo!

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

(You should wait him to answer the question)

Shawn: Here's a theory, people hate baseball shirts.

Random Lady #2: Do I wanna trade shirt?

Shawn: Yeah.

Random Lady #2: No, thanks.

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

(It's a baseball shirt, only a few people loves baseball)

Rocco: People don't like food, check this out. Excuse me, sir. Do you like a bite?

Random Guy #4: Sure.

Rocco: Totally s**t out of me.

(Hehe, the theory didn't work)

Shawn: Here's a theory, people don't like to reproduce. Let's find out. Hey.

Random Guy #5: Yeah, what's going on?

Shawn: Do you have sex?

Random Guy #5: Oh, fuck you, man. Are you f***ing kidding me?

(What kind of question is that?)

On Screen Text: Experiment Confirmed.

Random Guy #5: F**k. F**k.

(Watch your language!)

Rocco: Here's a theory, people don't actually like cookies. Check this out. Hey, you want a cookie.(Spits on the cookie) Excuse me, sir, would you like a cookie?

Random Guy #6: Uh...

Rocco: (Spits the cookie).

(That's gross)

Rocco: (Spits another cookie)

Random Lady #3: I'll eat too, alright I can.

Rocco: Oh, really. Oh, okay.

Random Guy #7: Are you talking to me?

Rocco: Alright, hey, thank you for eating that cookie. Completely not what we wanted to this video.


Random Guy #8: Sure.

Rocco: (Spits another cookie) I spit, I'm spitting on cookies and people are just eating them, I don't know, it's completely collapsed, before my eyes.

(How many cookies did you bring?)

Rocco: Alright, so never mind we're done, people are eating a spit on cookie, we're done experiment, like whatever the premise of the video is over, cause people are eating a cookie that I hock the louckie on. So, thank you IGN, thank you IGN subscribers, you've got to see people eat louck. Good Night everybody.

Random Guy #9: Travel baby.

Random Lady #4: ???

(Is that a pacifier she is holding?)

Random Guy #9: See the world before it's to late, cause in a blink it's gooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

(Nice ending. Are you guys making a parody of Mythbuster?)

(Note: The last guy should be saying gone, but they edit it. And that's why it's says goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo)