Teddy Beans
Portrayed by: Josh Elwell
Status: Deceased (Shot by Sombrero Guy)
Episode count: 1
First appeared in: What The Hell Happened To Mega64?
Last appeared in: What The Hell Happened To Mega64?
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Teddy Beans was an old associate of Poque that appears in "What The Hell Happened To Mega64?". Poque wanted to convince him that Poque was rich when he visited Poque, but while he was in Poque's apartment, the mafia broke in and attacked them. He was supposedly shot and killed by Danny America. Later, he returns and reveals that he was the boss of the whole time, and that he faked his death. Teddy then tried to shoot Dr. Poque, but before he could fire his gun, the Sombrero Guy shoots him from behind, killing him.

He was portrayed by Josh Elwell.

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