Portrayed by: Jenny Luckey
Status: Deceased (Hit by truck/Gunshot)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: Ode to Sue
Last appeared in: Project Whoosh
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Sue was a girl that went on a date with Dr. Poque when Horatio bet him he couldn't find a girlfriend.

Version TwoEdit

Poque met her over a dating site, and her username was "sassylazermermaid". When she arrived at Poque's house, he offered her Party Mix and went to prepare dinner. He realized that the steaks he had boughten for them were gone, and he discovered that Horatio and Marcus had eaten them. Instead, he brings her Hot Pockets. Poque later tries to put a beanie on Sue, but she gets irritated. Horatio's friends decide that Poque needs a makeover, so they interrupt his date. Horatio knocks over the dining room table and accidentally kicks Sue in the face. Poque finally loses his temper and complains to Sue about how bad the date is going, then insultingly introduces Horatio and Marcus. When Poque yells about "the world's most retarded puppet" Marcus enters the room and shouts "HEY SON!" Upon seeing Marcus, Sue immediately falls in love with him. A fantasy sequence where Sue profeses her love to Marcus follows. Sue quickly excuses herself and leaves with Marcus.

The next day, Marcus and Sue enter Poque's room to make fun of him. Marcus leaves to cook waffles, and Poque tells off Sue for leaving him right before their one-day anniversary. After watching Derek use the Mega64, Poque is still depressed. Derek encourages Poque to go get Sue back. Poque returns to his room, where Marcus and Sue are still spending time together. Poque shows Sue a music video he edited together in order to win her back, but she is unimpressed. Marcus laughs at Poque and says he only wants Sue back to win his bet with Horatio. Marcus claims that he owns Sue, and she is so offended by them that she runs outside.

V2E2 Sue Truck

Sue, moments before her death

Outside of his apartment, Poque stops Sue and tells her he really cares about her. Horatio and Marcus enter the scene, and watch Poque as he promises to be everything she needs if she stays. Sue appears touched by this, but before she can speak, she is hit by Rocko and Derek, who are driving away in Poque's truck. They park, slowly get out, awkwardly pass Poque and go back inside the house. ("Ode to Sue")

Version ThreeEdit

Sue is brought back to life by Dr. Poque when he utters "If only I could have her back." In an attempt to make up with him, she appears outside his door, but when Poque realizes her, he is terrifed. She is now a zombie. Sue is heartbroken and begins to call out for Poque in a neverending series of banshee-like wails. When Poque grows infinitely tired of her noise, he has Horatio dispatch her with a gunshot to the head.

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