Sean Legerton
Portrayed by: Sean Legerton
Status: Recovering (Shot by FALZ Man)
Episode count: 3
First appeared in: The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three
This is an article about the character. For the actor of the same name, see "Sean Legerton"

Sean Legerton is a character who appears at times when all faith is lost. While he has never been named on the show, Derrick Acosta has named him as "Sean Legerton" in documentaries. He is known for his iconic tire iron that he uses frequently in the show.

Version One Edit

V1E4 sean legerton

Sean in Version 1.

Legerton was in a commercial about the Mega64 console that Marcus showed Rick. The commercial is about an excited spokesman (played by Derrick) who breaks into Legerton's apartment as he is playing video games in order to insult him and tell him about the Mega64. He is not impressed, and after the spokesman's loud and obnoxious boasting wakes up his baby brother, Legerton takes out his tire iron and beats up the spokesman. ("The Gangs Returned to Class and Became Honor Students")

Version Three Edit

Legerton appears again outside of Poque's house beside a kid played by Eric Baudour, and he claims to Poque that he and his friend are looking for a wizard. Legerton explains that his baby brother (also mentioned in Version 1) has scoliosis which keeps him up at night and makes him cry, and the wish that the Wizard gives him can cure him. When Poque fails to present a wizard, Legerton takes out his tire iron and starts smashing Poque's car while a crowd riots behind him. Eventually the corpse of Jon is set up like a puppet to impersonate a wizard. Horatio provides the voice of the wizard from a loudspeaker to give an inspiring message, and finally ignites a fuse that blows up Jon's corpse. Legerton and the rest of the crowd get covered in blood and guts, but Legerton smiles and whispers "Thank you." several times to the wizard. ("The Wizard II")

While Poque is being held by the FALZ men, Legerton attacks them and Garret in an attempt to rescue Poque, but is soon after shot in the back. He is not seen again until the last scene of Version 3, where he is shown in a wheelchair after his injury. He rolls through Poque's apartment (after Horatio reveals Legerton has been hanging out with him) and says to the camera "As soon as I can walk again, I'm getting the f*ck out of here!" and rolls away. ("Delaware")

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