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| Images = Images of Sean
| Images = Images of Sean
'''Sean Chatfeeled''' is a teenager kidnapped in [[Dr. Poque]]'s lair. It is unknown how long he was there before [[Rocko]] and [[Derek]] arrived. He shows mostly peculiar and creepy behavior, but over time he forms a bond with Rocko and Derek. [[Marcus]] and him also have a few moments that indicate a friendship between them. [[Rick]] is his brother and his only known family member. Rick is killed by [[Horatio]] in Episode 4 of [[Version 1]] when he says "[[Delaware]]" because is Horatio's kill phrase to "take him out."
'''Sean Chatfeeled''' was really good in the UK office and Pirates trilogy

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Sean Chatfeeled
Portrayed by: Shawn Chatfield
Status: Alive
Episode count: 17
First appeared in: Life Inside A Console
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Sean Chatfeeled was really good in the UK office and Pirates trilogy

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