Rocko Boaty
Portrayed by: Rocco Botte
Status: Alive
Episode count: 17
First appeared in: Life Inside A Console
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Rocko Boaty (test subject #08627) is a teenager kidnapped by Dr. Poque in order to beta test the Mega64. He is idealistic and easy going. The character Rocko Boaty is portrayed by Rocco Botte. President of the Fantavision League and the Gyromite club, and missing his girlfriend "Fubu" (that's just her preferred clothing line). He generally tries to keep a positive demeanor about escaping and doing a good job, but it's hard to do that when everything virtual and physical is trying to kill him or just make him feel really uncomfortable.

Background Edit


Poque's mugshot of Rocko.

Before getting kidnapped, Rocko was a college student. He was president of the Fantavision league and the Gyromite club at his school. He was kidnapped by Horatio after receiving an e-mail offering him a job as a beta tester. He was also seeing a girl before his capture. He soon starts to worry that she has left him.

Version 1 Edit

At the start of Version 1, Rocko is 19 years old. At first he dislikes being forced to act as test subject, but soon learns to appreciate the greater understanding of video game characters that the experiments give him. Even so, he is always trying to find new ways to escape the compound.

Version 2 Edit

At the start of Version 2, Rocco is 20. He seems to be more stubborn to escape from Dr. Poque's laboratory. He and Derrick have a better relationship than they did with Version 1. Rocco is a little more aware of the situation he is from Version 1. Rocco keeps the same relationship with Shaun from Version 1. 

Version 3 Edit

Rocko dies. 2 much shitt.

Relationships Edit

Derek Edit

Rocko met Derek after they were kidnapped by Dr. Poque. They quickly become close friends and are rarely seen apart.

Sean Edit

Rocko is less friendly to Sean, whom he thinks is weird and annoying. Despite this Sean still considers Rocko a friend and desperately vies for his approval.



Dr. Poque Edit

Rocko vows to defeat Dr. Poque in the first episode, but most of the time he goes along with his experiments anyway or secretly tries to escape.

Marcus Edit

Marcus constantly insults Rocko and orders him around, but Rocko doesn't really take him seriously.

Fubu Edit

Rocko's sorta-girlfriend. Her real name is unknown. She is never seen on the series except as the subject of a drawing by Rocco. He describes her as not "cute." After being unable to contact her for six months Rocko starts to think that she has left him.

Video Game alter-egos Edit


Rocko in the opening title to Version 2.

While connected to the Mega64, Rocko has the ability to take on the personality of other video game characters these include...

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