Rick Chatfeeled
Portrayed by: Kevin Castaneda
Status: Deceased (Killed by Horatio)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: The Gangs Returned To Class And Became Honor Students
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three


Rick was Sean's brother. He is played by Kevin Castaneda.

Version 1Edit


Rick impersonating a company representative.

Rick pretended to work for a video game company so he could get into Poque's apartment and gather information to free Rocko, Derek, and Sean. When he said the word "Delaware", Horatio misunderstood this to be an order to kill Rick, so Horatio jumped out and bludgeoned him to death. Sean was very distraught over the loss of his brother.

Version 3Edit

In a flashback, it is revealed that Rick is the original creator of the Mega64. FALZ found out that a "Chatfeild" was the Mega64's inventor and subsequently began hunting Sean and his brother. Rick planned to go with FALZ so that Sean could escape, but Sean knocked him out and took his place. Before Sean was captured by FALZ, Rick gave Sean his email address and the password "Delaware," telling Sean "This is also where we're gonna meet when it's all over." ("Delaware")

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