Richard Botte
Birth date: November 3, 1956
Family: Rocco Botte
Dominic Botte

Richard Botte is Rocco Botte 's real life father. His most prominent role in the show is in Version 2, as the villian/entrepaneur Danny America. He is also known as Dick Botte to some, or Rich for short.

The character Richard Botte plays in Version 2 shares the name with Dan Akroyd. 

Legend has it, that when Rocco was first editing Mega64, he was crying in his room out of frustration. Rich came in, and asked what was wrong. Rocco told him that he was ready to quit Mega64, because things weren't coming together. Supposedly, Richard then sat down at the computer and fixed the entire episode in post production, adding a rotoscoping effect to every shot. Rocco has since denied the truth of this story, but it is unknown whether or not this is just because he was embarrassed about crying.

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