Portrayed by: Dallas McLaughlin
Status: Deceased (Black Plague)
Episode count: 1
First appeared in: Bigger Boat
Last appeared in: Bigger Boat
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three


The Patriot (portrayed by Dallas McLaughlin) was an extremely patriotic man who sat outside Poque's apartment in Bigger Boat. He was seen with a beer and a gun and sat next to an American flag. He kept Poque from covering up the offensive word on Horatio's boat (even threatening to shoot Poque is he tried to move the boat) in an attempt to in order to protect the freedom of speech.

V3E2 Patriot Death

The end of the Patriot.

Poque persuaded Rocko and Derek to dance outside and distract the patriot so he and Marcus could steal his gun. Outside, the patriot gave a passionate speech about freedom before Rocko, Derek and Sean start dancing for him. While they are dancing, the patriot becomes violently ill and falls to the ground. Rocko, Derek, and Sean start to run over to help him, but as soon as they stop dancing they get shocked by the collar and start writhing in pain themselves. The patriot throws up blood and releases his bowels before shooting himself in the head with his own gun. It is later revealed that the cause of the patriot's illness were rats carrying the bubonic plague who were on the boat.

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