Nicole Crakes as "Program Girl" in Version 2

Nicole Crakes is a friend and frequent contributor of Mega64. She has been in videos with the Mega64 crew since high school and has appeared in multiple episodes and online videos. She has been called "The unofficial female member of Mega64". ("Frankie" DVD commentary)

Notable RolesEdit


Nicole as Amanda in Derrick Acosta's "Solomon".

Nicole has played parts in Mega64 episodes, public game experiments, and skits for IGN, Gametrailers and PATV.

Public Game ExperimentsEdit

  • Elizabeth in the Bioshock Infinite skit.
  • Jodie in the Beyond - Two Souls skit.

Mega64 episodesEdit

  • Booty Shaker in Episode 3: Poque in Version 1. According to Rocco, he got "many sick emails" about this appearance.

Other videosEdit

  • She appeared as a stereotypical male "jock gamer" alongside Krista Chatfield and Jenny Gates in the PATV skit, Game Gurlz.
  • Nicole appeared in Derrick Acosta's YouTube video as Amanda in Solomon.


Rocco told a story about Nicole in high school being dared to drink something that someone spit a loogie in.

Spoiler alert: She did it.