Rocko and Derek power on the Mega64.

The Mega64 is a gaming console that has the ability to tap into the human mind and make the players think that the game is real. The helmet alters the player's mind into the protagonist of the game they are playing, making the game appear real to the user.


The Mega64 was designed and created by a group named FALZ, but was actually built by a man named Dr. Poque. The Mega64 is also capable of recieving phone calls, faxes, and can be used to restore power to Poque's compound.

The ShowEdit

The Mega64 is used primarily to play video games and is what Dr. Poque is most concerned with. However, it can also be used for other applications, such as reconfiguring a user's personality. The only accessory needed to use the Mega64 are specially designed helmets, which appear to be bike helmets spray-painted silver and with various odds and ends attached to them. The user then downloads a game and becomes the main character in it, which then plays out in the form of a hidden-camera skit on an unsuspecting public.

The CoreEdit


Don't touch the core, son.

Deep inside the virual relm of the Mega64 console lies the Core of the Mega64, the key to all gaming. It appears to be a Nintendo Entertainment System ontop of a pedestal. When Sean went to destroy it to save Rocko and Derek, Poque was confident the Core was too well-hidden to be found. Shortly after saying this, tourists stumble onto the core and take pictures, making Poque proclaim that he sucks. After blowing up the Core, Rocko and Derek stumble into a special "debug room" that only Poque has access to. After being booted from the Mega64, Sean is trapped inside, who later escapes via unknown means. Except for being the cause of the California wildfire, there appeared to be no other damage caused.

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