Lobo fuerte mask small
Lobo Fuerte
Portrayed by: Garrett Hunter
Status: Deceased (Killed by Sean)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: What the Hell Happened to Mega64?
Last appeared in: Delaware (photo)
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Lobo Fuerte appeared in the episode "What the Hell Happened to Mega64?" He was the mysterious man in charge of capturing Rocko and Derek. He wears a gas mask and holds a briefcase that contains his weapon. As Sean was trying to enter the terrorist hideout to save his friends, Lobo Fuerte confronted him. They both poured gasoline on their bodies, tied their wrists together with a long piece of rope, and fought with lighters. Lobo appeared much stronger than Sean, but he was eventually overpowered and knocked onto the ground. Sean proceeded to light him on fire, killing him. In "Delaware", it was revealed that Lobo was a member of The Killers, along with Tony.

He was portrayed by Garrett Hunter.

Lobo fuerte nomask small

Lobo Fuerte unmasked.

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