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Kevin "Sparky" Bushong is the full-time guy of the Mega64 crew.

Kevin's most notable talents are engrained in his being. How he acts determines who he is as a person. Kevin maintains a stoic silence 30% of the time, giving the impression of deep thought. There is, however, no way to confirm the complexity of his thoughts. It is rumored that he has a GED an PHD an MIT and a PSP, making him the smartest person associated with Mega64. 

Personal ChannelEdit

Kevin runs a personal channel called Sparky8265. Just like the other Mega64 crew members, Kevin posts videos about his life. Kevin currently has no skits on his channel. However, Kevin is known for scaring the Mega64 crew. Every Halloween he pranks the Mega64 crew by coming in unexpectingly. In 2011 he came in during a podcast and in 2012 he came in during Garrett's poorly played stream. 

Notable RolesEdit

Role Video Date Channel
One of the E3 attendees E3: 1975 June 6, 2006
Gamer Local Leaders April 17, 2006
Backround Person VGA Commercial: Messiahz December 6, 2007
Backround Person Backyard Messiahz #1 October 1, 2008
Backround Person Backyard Messiahz #2 October 1, 2008
Backyard Person Backyard Messiahz #3 October 1, 2008
Harmonix and Nintendo employee Indie Man March 22, 2010
Super Scribblenauts Player Rocco is in Super Scribblenauts October 19, 2010
Student Gnomon School of Visual Effects Commercial May 25, 2011
Halo Fan HALO EARLY ANNIVERSARY? August 27, 2011
Soldier  GHOST RECON FUTURE SOLDIER Commercial November 7, 2011
Nintendo Marketing  Crew Member and Voiceover The Wii U Conspiracy  January 9, 2012
Gamer Modern Game Journalism The Movie April 3, 2012
Nintendo Employee and Corporate Sponsor Advertisement Person INDIE MAN RETURNS April 11, 2012
Art Professional METAL GEAR RISING/ MEGA64 E3 TEASER June 1, 2012
Sparky Crackers The Vita Mystery  June 21, 2012
Diablo 3 Player DIABLO 3 - NIGHT OF 1000 ERRORS September 25, 2012
Normal Guy SCRIBBLENAUTS UNLIMITED November 7, 2012
Soldier IS MISSINGNO REAL? (VG FACT CHECKERZ)  February 7, 2013
Bayonetta Fan The Bayonetta Suicides March 4, 2013

Trivia Edit

  • Kevin is the most mysterious out of the Mega64 crew. His age is unknown along with his family. (EDIT: HE'S 38 HOLY SHOT - CITATION NEEDED DUDE!!!!)
  • Kevin is known for bringing the most bizarre foods on the Christmascast, then barely eating any of them. An example would be on 2011's pig's feet, 2012's clam juice, or 2014's forever infamous rotten eggs.
  • Kevin is also the most silent member of the crew. 
  • Kevin is an official ButterCreamer.
  • Kevin is also now a full time Mega64 member thanks to Patreon supporters. Only Rocco Botte and Shawn Chatfield also share this distinction.

External links Edit

Sparky's YouTube channel

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