Portrayed by: John Wanser
Status: Deceased (Gunshot by Dr. Poque/Blown up into pieces by Horatio)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: Stranger
Last appeared in: The Wizard II
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Jon was an employee of FALZ disguised as a regular teenager in Poque's dungeon.

Version Two Edit

His job was to monitor how the Mega64 console was coming along. He tried to form a friendship with Sean and gas the entire building to kill everyone. Sean decided not to follow along with Jon's plans. Horatio eventually beat him in the face with a wrench because he tore Marcus apart. Jon lunged at Shawn a few seconds later, but Poque shot him from behind, killing him. ("Stranger")

Version Three Edit

V3E3 Jon Dead

Jon's corpse.

Jon's decomposed corpse was found in Poque's attic a few months later. Horatio explained that Poque told him to dispose of the body, but he didn't tell him when, so Horatio left it there. They were unable to carry Jon out of the house because there was a crowd outside looking for a wizard. Later, they dressed up Jon's corpse to look like a wizard, and when the time came for him to cast a "spell", Horatio ignited fireworks, and seconds later, the fireworks exploded, breaking Jon into pieces. The bloody pieces of Jon's body flew into the air and scattered all over the crowd. ("The Wizard II")

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