Hunkty Krunkty in his music video.

Hunkty Krunkty is a rapper (and the name of a skit) featured in the deleted episode "The Code". The skit with him, aside from being in the episode, is a hidden easter egg and can be seen on the Version 1 Special Edition DVD. Hunkty Krunkty is portrayed by Derrick Acosta, but Rocco and Shawn appear as well. Rocco plays Krunkty's record label manager and Shawn plays Lil' Ripper, an avid Hunkty Krunkty fan. Hunkty Krunkty, in the Mega64 universe, is responsible for the "DK Rap" at the beginning of Donkey Kong 64. Krunkty wears a yellow bandana on his head that he keep propped up in an attempt to fool potential assassins into thinking that his brain is higher up than it actually is.


"Hunkty the *bleep* Krunkty!"

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