(The skit begins showing the Wii which is haunted as it looks)
File:Mega64 Hallowiin Special

On Screen Text: the haunted Wii

(Haunted voice from the Wii thats actually Rocco, Derrick and Shawn's voice it sounds like a siren)

(Shawn and Rocco playing the Wii)

Shawn: (Swings the Wiimote) Ah, yeah homerun.

Rocco: Hey, how come you wave your arms around like that?

Shawn: The Wii, it knows that we are in 3D space.

Rocco: It can tell where you are?

Shawn: Yeah.

Rocco: Anywhere?

Shawn: Yes.

Rocco: Hehe, even the bathroom?

Shawn: I don't know about that.

(Showing the Wii again. This time close-up from the top)

Rocco: Say, we've been playing this all day. Should've you begin ready for the halloween party you said you we're going to.

Shawn: Yeah, your right. You coming too are you.

Rocco: Uh, I would but it wasn't exactly invited (I don't know what Rocco is saying just watched the video I post). Alright, I'll talk to you later.

Shawn: All right later.

(Shawn is in the bathroom preparing himself for the halloween party and he heard a voice)

Derrick(Wii voice): Hellooooo? You're in the bathroom.

Shawn: Hello?

Derrick(Wii voice): Hey.

Shawn: Hey. Who is it?

Derrick(Wii voice): It's me. The Wii. Wii(Weee)!

(Shawn goes back to the room where he heard and the voice is coming from the Wii. That's actually Derrick's voice)

Shawn: You can talk?

Derrick(Wii voice): Oh yeah, I can talk. Oh, I'm real talking it.

Shawn: Do you always talk?

Derrick(Wii voice): Oh oh yeah yeah always talk. Dude, like way more than I do so, If you think I'm annoying, you don't even trained me yet cause they talkin you're off, you won't even play you'll be like shut up!

Shawn: All right, well I don't wanna talk to my toys anymore I'm gonna go to that party.

Derrick(Wii voice): Dude oh, so oh, so I'm just game to you, I don't talk to your toys huh. Would you ever see that movie Child's play?

Shawn: I never saw that movie.

Derrick(Wii voice): Oh no uh should we need that, you know we can go to an opera litttle fandanggo we can look it up, we can get some picks. I I think it's still out.

Shawn: No, um I'm gonna go.

Derrick(Wii voice): Oh I'm just a gang ok. Did you ever see a gang kills somebody? Yeah, that might happen that's a known fact. You better read your manual. Troubleshoot...yeah. I might troubleshoot you.

(So Shawn leave to the party and the Wii is still talking thinking that Shawn is still there)

Derrick: Hi, how's it going? Welcome to Halloween party come on inside. You know everybody is already in backstage go help yourself there getting everyone a job. You know job easier thatn your's so there getting food things thats something fun could be nice. Yeah, I like you costume karate kid.

Shawn: Thanks, I like your's a cripple hotdoggers. That's great.

Derrick: Oh, uh yeah just a hotdog actually.

Shawn: ...sorry.

(Shawn is partying inside the house and Rocco's costume is Fred Clause.)

Shawn: So what are you?

Rocco: Yo, check it out I'm Fred Clause.

Shawn: ...I don't get it.

Rocco: Yeah, dude it's not ouw yet.

(Shawn's cellphone is ringing)

Shawn: I got a phone call excuse me.

Rocco: Okay okay okay.

Shawn: ...What? The number is 16 digits. Hello?

Derrick(Wii Voice): I know where you are. I know you're at that party. Without me.

Shawn: Who is this?

Derrick(Wii Voice): Every step you take.

Shawn: Uh, what?

Derrick(WiI Voice): Every step you take dum dum dum dum.

Shawn: Hey, you said that already.

Derrick(Wii Voice): Every step you take, every step yout take, I'll be watching you du du du du. Every step you take, every step you take, every step you take.

Shawn: I don't know how you even got my number. But, I'm at a party I don't wanna talk to you now or pretty much ever. So, don't talk to me ever again.

(Shawn is going back home from the party)

Derrick(Wii Voice): Oh yo.

Shawn: Yeah.

Derrick(Wii Voice): Now I thought you'd be here sooner.

Shawn: No, it was a late party. I guess alot of fun now so.

Derrick(Wii Voice): Oh yeah yeah, I'm having fun. Cause you can't have any fun with me right?

Shawn: Sorry.

Derrick(Wii Voice): Oh, I'm just a game huh. That's all I empty, right? Ok, all right, ok. Well, here's a new game you can play it's called shot and it's rated Y for you.

(The Wii shot Shawn)

Derrick(Wii Voice): My God, what have I done? I've killed my best friend! MY ONLY FRIEND! The reason to live...and that's, the case, I die.

(Swings the to the computer moniter and the Wii shoots itself. The Wii isn't destroyed they used parts from a broken computer)

On Screen Text: Happy hallowiin

On Screen Text: "Merrwii Christmas"

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