Portrayed by: Brad Davis
Garrett Hunter
Status: Deceased (Shot by Poque)
Episode count: 4
First appeared in: The Wizard II
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Garret was the leader of FALZ who kidnapped Sean after the Mega64 was invented and made him use it against his will, which caused Sean to lose his memory. He later returned to Poque's with countless other FALZ members in search of Sean. Garret explained the history of Sean and the Mega64 to Rocko, but when Rocko revealed that Sean left in search of the FALZ headquarters, Garret became angry and forced Rocko outside at gunpoint. He planned to execute Poque, Rocko, Derek, and Marcus but was interrupted by Sean who had acquired the sword from the Specter. Sean lifted the sword above Garret to finish him, but the Mega64 "magic box" sounded an alarm and his sword disappeared. Garret then threw Sean up against the wall and shot him several times. He put his gun to Rocko's head, but the Sombrero Guy appeared and rescued them, leaving Garret's fate in the hands of Dr. Poque. Garret taunted him, as Poque contemplated. Poque righteously countered back by announcing that his name was "Diarrhea" and not "Doctor". Just as Poque pulled the trigger on him, Garret picked up a gun from behind him and they shot each other simultaneously. Garret was shot through the eye and died instantly.

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