Frankie.jpg (or Frankie)
Portrayed by: Garrett Hunter (monster)
Michael J. Nelson (human)
Status: Deceased (Killed by Marcus)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: Stranger
Last appeared in: Frankie
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three
This is an article about the character. For the episode, see "Frankie"

Frankie.jpg is a character based on the "Frankie" rabbit, a viral internet picture.

The Show Edit

At the end of Version 2, Frankie busts through the door of Poque's bedroom and attacks Poque, Marcus, and Horatio. Poque screams repeatedly "It's loose!!" before the episode cuts off. ("Stranger")

In Version 3, seconds after he attacks the group, he consumes Marcus before being shot by Ted Geisel, but to no avail. Frankie tears Ted's arm off and runs out of the room. After Ted explains that he is a hunter, he begins searching for Frankie. Since he is known to like eating feces, Ted leaves a trap for Frankie in the toilet. Ted goes to a different bathroom in search of toilet paper, and Frankie is revealed to have been hiding in the bathtub. Poque and Horatio hear Ted being attacked and possibly killed by Frankie, and Frankie approaches them and begins to attack Poque for a second time. Horatio throws objects at Frankie to defeat him, but it is in vain. Poque and Horatio look as if they're about to be murdered by him, but all of sudden Frankie begins to grab his stomach in pain. Finally, Marcus rips out of Frankie's stomach, killing him. ("Frankie")


Frankie in human form, moments before he is kidnapped.

History Edit

It is revealed that he used to be a regular human working as a mall Santa, and showed "just the right character needed" for Poque's experiments, so he was kidnapped by Poque and Horatio. He was contained in a chamber under Poque's apartment, and soon after strange occurrences began. After being captive for just a few hours, Frankie began to eat his own feces because he thought he was never going to be fed. ("Frankie")