FALZ men
Portrayed by: Multiple
Status: Deceased (Massacred by Sombrero Guy)
Episode count: Various
First appeared in: Stranger
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

The FALZ men were the people that Poque met when he went to the building that Kain instructed him to in "Stranger". None of them have been named on the show as of yet. They were portrayed by Luke Chatfield, Brandon Brashars, Kevin Bushong, and Fernando Jay Huerto.

They were all eventually massacred by the Sombrero Guy, with the exception of the FALZ man played by Kevin Bushong, who was pushed down the stairs by Rocko and Derek, leading to his death. ("Delaware")


  • The FALZ men played by Jay and Kevin returned in "Delaware" with several speaking lines, while Luke Chatfield's character only made a very minor appearance in "Project Whoosh". Brandon's character didn't appear in Version 3 at all.

FALZ attacking the Sombrero Guy.

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