Unnamed FALZ Man
Portrayed by: Fernando Jay Huerto
Status: Deceased (Impaled by Sombrero Guy)
Episode count: 3
First appeared in: Stranger
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

This unnamed FALZ Man was a reoccurring character, making appearances in versions two and three. He was described by Garrett Hunter as a "number two" in the FALZ organization.

Version Two Edit

Jay makes an appearance as one of many FALZ members working at a control booth. He is the only member who speaks. ("Stranger")

Version Three Edit

Jay returns as one of the leaders on Project Woosh, recruiting Marcus. He is one of the FALZ men present when Marcus is transformed into a puppet. ("Project Woosh")

He is later seen as one of the several men that lead an attack on Poque's Appartment. He personally leads Poque into an alley where he quickly thwarts and attempt by Poque to fight back. He then takes out his anger over the death of Jon on Poque, kicking him repeatedly in the stomach. He returns after a short disappearance, ordering Poque to shoot Tr1gg3r s3r1ou5. Poque cannot bring himself to do it, so he quickly shoots the kid himself. Soon after, he stops an attempt by Horatio to rescue his friends by throwing a rock at his head. He stops another attempt to help the prisoners by Sean Legerton, by shooting him in the back. Sometime later he is seen arriving with backup after the Sombrero Guy attacks. He is eventually impaled by him in the chaos of the fight. ("Delaware")

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