Portrayed by: Various
Status: Inactive
Episode count: 5
First appeared in: Eyes of Skull Has A Secret
Last appeared in: Delaware
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

FALZ is the name of an organization that designed and created the Mega64 console. They all wear black hats, black sweaters, and marker-drawn mustaches like Poque. Kain, one of FALZ's members, recruited Poque to improve and find a marketing company for the Mega64 after he was fired from his office job. That is when he became Dr. Poque. Jon also worked for FALZ and was sent to Poque's dungeon to check up on his progress with the Mega64.

Known membersEdit


FALZ members scold Poque for taking too long with the Mega64.


The FALZ men introduce themselves to Poque.

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