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Informative reason of why E3 isn't extinct like they say it is.

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E3 1975 Opening

E3 1975 Opening

E3 1975 is a skit parodying of the current story behind the Electronic Entertainment Expo of today. It explains a proposed back story of E3, back in the year 1975 where Alan Chipz, Dirk Montgomery and Nolan Shrubb hold a game convention in their garage. Dirk mentions that it was formerly E4, but they needed to drop the word "Eat" because Alan dropped a screw in the tuna. A scene is shown in which Chaz Baltezore is bleeding heavily in the mouth area, having eaten the aforementioned tuna. At a vetting line, the man who is the time traveler in "And Suddenly, Ezra Didn't Feel So Alone Anymore" appears with a Sony PSP, with the hopes of being the talk of E3 1975. Alan turns him down, saying that the PSP has no "bells and whistles" and that he'll just have to try again next year. Rocco and Derrick ask Alan, Dirk and Nolan whether they would attend E3 2005, then reveals that they forgot to copyright the terms. The show was resurfaced in 1994 by the Entertainment Software Association and became the current E3. The skit ends on an E3 Background for E3 2005.

Josh Jones' song "Rave Time!! (Let's Have A Party) is playing in the background.


  • Filmed in 2005, this is the only appearance of Derrick Acosta's father in any Mega64 skit or video, for that matter.
  • E3: 1975 is only recorded piece of Mega64 in history that pictures Craig Chatield with long hair.
  • The random, pink-haired antagonist of the video "Ronmaybe," is a parody of Electronic Gaming Monthly curmudgeon Sean Patrick Reily, affectionately known as Seanbaby.
  • Ian Luckey has a cameo in the skit as one of the E3 1975 attendees, the one who changes the colour of the square on the screen.
  • Chaz Baltezore is impaled by a garage tool through the skull, but due to the lethal nature of the stunt, it can be seen that his head is actually a watermelon in a wig.
  • This skit was one of three different skits produced for E3 2005, the other two being "A3" and "The Three E's Are Me."
  • Josh Jones independently produced most of the music for Ubisoft and other commercials, and all three of the E3 skits among others.

→* "Rave Time!! (Let's Have A Party)" is the most hotly awaited track featured on Mega64 The Soundtrack! due to Rocco reluctance to name it.

→→* It is also Rocco's' Ringtone, and the music used in the Version 2 episode "Ode To Sue" scene in which Horatio and Marcus play loud music.

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