The E3 Logo

thumb|300px|right|This is the skit E3 1975. The Electronic Entertainment Expo, as stated in the logo, is a game convention that was formed in the late nineties as the hub of all things gaming around the world and centered in Los Angeles, CA. E3 generally consists of major North American developers like Bungie, Rockstar and Blizzard, however, other countries display games there as well. Mega64 uses the convention as a joke in the skit E3: 1975, which parodies E3 by presenting an idea of what an E3 in the seventies would be like. The skit stars the Mega 64 crew and their Fathers, as the characters "Alan Chipz," "Dirk Montgomery," and "Nolan Shrubb."

Various games available range from all developers that are mainstream, and tickets are pre-registered. The skit "The Three E's Are Me" from Mega64 Time! shows an example of why one should register early for the event. Another skit for the show is "A3," all of which were produced for Ubisoft at E3 2005.

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