The death box is a small box that makes a loud screeching noise whenever it is turned on.

Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory AD CampaignEdit

Splinter cell radness overload rocco death box

Rocco sounds the alarm

In the fifth splinter cell video, Radness Overload. The death box is plugged in by Rocco outside of a store and buzzes loudly until a bypasser turns it off.

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Version 3Edit

V3E6 death box

The death box as it drains the Specter.

In Version 3, episode 6, Delaware, the death box is used by FALZ to steal The Specter's power. When it starts buzzing, the sword and shoes given to Sean by the Specter disappear.

Production InfoEdit

According to the Mega64 Time commentary for Radness Overload, the death box was purchased at a thrift store for two dollars and no one has any idea what it is actually supposed to do.

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