Danny America
Portrayed by: Richard Botte
Status: Deceased (killed by 2-Poque)
Episode count: 2
First appeared in: Life Inside A Console
Last appeared in: What The Hell Happened To Mega64?
Appears in Version(s)
One Two Three

Danny America was a mafia boss who kidnapped Dr. Poque, Marcus, and Derek. He was eventually killed by Poque's robot, 2-Poque.("What The Hell Happened To Mega64?")

V1E1 richard botte stillshot

"The brass" later revealed to be Danny America without his eye patch

In a flashback taking place at SarnoTech. Poque's Boss can be seen on the phone telling "Mr. America" to stop wearing his eye patch at work, revealing that Danny America was one of the higher-ups at SarnoTech who originally refused to allow Poque to work on the Mega64.("Stranger") ("Life Inside A Console")

He was portrayed by Richard Botte.

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