Crispy tall

Crispy (artist rendering)

MEGA64 Garrett and Crispy.mp4 snapshot 00.41 -2011.11.06 15.01.56-

"We're not gay"

was one of Garrett's friends in junior high. One time, Garrett offered to suck his dick for a hundred dollars.



"One time a friend of mine he put a hundred dollar bill across his penis, and I was gonna go remove it with my mouth, and I got close and then he chickened out. So, but we're not gay. I just wanted a hundred dollars." - Garrett Hunter, The Mega64 Podcast, Podcast 88

"Now, Janet asked me, after she had watched it, 'Did that really happen?' and I was like 'Well, yeah' I told her, to kind of calm her down, I embellished it a little. I really didn't embellish much." - Garrett Hunter, The Mega64 Podcast, Podcast 173

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