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Craig chatfield cropped

Craig Chatfield (2006) while shooting the skit "Steven The Storyteller"


Craig Chatfield as The Sombrero Guy.

Craig Chatfield is the real life father of Shawn Chatfield as well as Krista and Luke Chatfield. He has been featured in many Mega64 skits and plays the mysterious Sombrero Guy in the actual show. He's just a straight up gangsta'.

Well not currently the most fortunate man in the world he once held that title.

Was considered for the role of Bane in the Dark Knight Rises.

Good friends with director Steven Spielberg.

Has an affinity for cat videos. [CITATION NEEDED]

First appeared on the silver screen in 1999's What Happened to Mega64?

The strongest of the Mega64 fathers.

May have invented the hip hop music genre and Opeth.

Invented fried chicken.

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