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CREEPY OLD CRYPT is a monthly show/podcast created and hosted by Rocco Botte and Kevin Bushong, located on Rocco's personal Youtube channel. The show generally centers around the Disney theme parks, big and small - from the attractions to the turkey legs; they cover anything that has a story worth telling. As Rocco describes it, the "show is just us remembering old, odd Disney stuff we remember from long ago (or just recently)."

As of recently, however, they have also covered Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California, and Universal Studios Hollywood in the San Fernando Valley area of Los Angeles County, California.

Episodes Edit

  1. "Throw Me A Roll" (Pirates of the Caribbean)
  2. "Daddy, Is He In Heaven?" (Star Tours)
  3. "The Fish Stay The Same" (Frontierland)
  4. "I Am A Real American" (Disneyland Paris)
  5. "Seasons Of The Vine" (California Adventure)
  6. "Calling All Ghosts" (Haunted Mansion)
  7. "Try Our Gumbo" (The Food Episode)
  8. "Inlaws And Fruitcake" (The Holidays Episode)
  9. "These Bars Are Rubber" (Mickey's Toontown)
  10. "A Billion Rubber Snakes" (Indiana Jones Adventure)
  11. "Where's The Restroom?" (Guests of Disneyland)
  12. "Inside Out" (Walt Disney World w/ Scott Herriott)
  13. "Good Innotentions" (The Carousel Building)
  14. "The Dole Whip Experience" (Enchanted Tiki Room)
  15. "Old Timey Phones (Main Street U.S.A)
  16. "Orange And Green Guns (Disneyland Souvenirs)
  17. "Into The Mines (Knott's Berry Farm)
  18. "The Starcade Is Dead" (Tomorrowland)
  19. "Too Much Neil Patrick Harris" (Disneyland Shows)
  20. "Trapped On A Boat With A Jazz Band" (Disneyland Event Stories)
  21. Country Bear Massacre (Critter Country)
  22. Sinking In Small World (Fantasyland)
  23. Punch It (Star Wars Galaxy's Edge)
  24. Waterworld Never Dies (Universal Studios Hollywood)
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