Bryan Abou Chacra is a friend of the Mega64 crew. Eric Baudour is his best friend. ["the day bryan died"/1:07] On top of that, he has appeared in many podcasts. His smile is incredibly infectious, and he is a known patriot and anti-terrorist activist.

Is known in Atlantic City as everyone's favorite Abou Chacra.

His beard partially obscures his upperlip and chin.

Has been known to dance and smile.

Has been known to sit on chairs and sofas.

Whenever he is around the weather changes from cloudy to bright and sunny. No one understands this phenomenon.

Claims to be friends with director Quentin Tarantino.

May have possibly voiced Courage the Cowardly Dog, he doesn't speak enough on camera to rightfully determine.

According to a testimony by Barbara Dunkelman on Rooster Teeth's "Always Open", Bryan is known to consume the rinds of various produce.

He now hosts the Big Dogs Gaming twitch stream with Frank Howley.

Top 10 Bryan Quotes of All TImeEdit

  1. "My favorite Abou Chacra"
  2. "So who invented mega64 in the first place? was it u rocco?"
  3. "I am a cultured individual"
  4. "ROcco Botte!"
  5. "RoccoB64"
  6. "What's the name of your guys youtube page?"
  7. "HAve we talked about that on the podcast?"
  8. "save it for the podcast"
  9. "How is our standing with the fan community?"
  10. "Forget your worries, smile, and dance dance dance"

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Bryan's Personal Youtube 

Bryan's Twitter

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